The Dengler Domain: Spring
March 9, 2018


The weather outside is turning for the good unless one is a Jack Frost. The snow is melting, the air is warmer, and the sun is shining. Spring is arriving, and this is wonderful for us outdoor creatures. The time to enjoy the outside is here, and I have few activities to do in this warmer weather.

The first idea is to clean up the yard. All those sticks lying on the ground from the long winter are meant to be picked up and taken away. Go outside and get exercise by picking up those sticks. While one is bending down, snow trapped other trash in the yard. One might as well pick up that trash. Gum wrappers and old cigarette butts be gone! Like one's attitude, the yard should be spruced up as it warms up.

Going for a bike ride is another great idea. Whether it be on a normal bike or the weird bikes where one lies on their back to ride, either option should float one's boat. This is an easy way to explore more territory than the average walk. Taking bikes to new locations and trails makes for an added benefit. Nothing is better than riding a bike and feeling the wind blow through one's hair while breathing in the fresh air.

Another idea is to clean out the homestead aka spring cleaning. This process allows the removal of older items such as clothes, trinkets, or toys. They go on a new journey while the house breathes a new life. One's house will look different than before, and this results in happiness. Switching around the furniture also provides a new feel to the house. If one feels lucky, knock down that annoying wall to create a new vibe to the house.

The last idea is to go on a picnic. The winter is a time to eat inside by the warm fire, but warm weather is the time to eat outside in beautiful sunshine. While it might be brisk in the early spring, Iowans know fifties mean shorts and shorts mean picnic. It is like e=mc2 but Iowan. Find the delicious watermelon at the store, prepare the deli meat, bring the ant repellant, and enjoy the nice meal on the grass. The fresh air makes the experience more enjoyable. Fresh food, fresh air, equals a good time.

These activities allow one to enjoy spring while being productive. This makes one's life better. Winter is no fun, but warmer weather is better. Put Jack Frost in the rearview mirror and speed ahead into warmer weather. For spring is near, now is time for fun.

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