The Dengler Domain: Soap Operas
March 30, 2018


The entertainment business is full of wonderful opportunities. While not everyone wants to be a star on a screen, it would be fun. Acting in a variety of genres would be a fun time whether it is a comedy, horror, or drama. There is one genre I have my eyes on, soap operas. To act in this genre would be amazing.

The first reason is I would love to play the backstabbing brother who is secretly in love with my maid while being a secret agent for the FBI while being a double agent for the KGB and a triple agent for the CIA. Sound confusing? This is why soap operas rock. This makes for a crazy amount of role playing. The whole journey of character development would be never ending. I would need a diverse set of skills to play this character, and if I do not have these skills, I will be murdered by my best friend on the show.

The second reason is getting to be a bad guy. Being the bad guy is an exciting role. Being the mastermind pulling the strings for an evil plan to dramatically affect the other characters' lives would be thrilling. Being detested by the audience sounds fun. The best part of soap operas are the bad guys. No one watches for the good guys. It is always about the bad guys. Bad guys might not win, but they will stay on air.

The last reason to be a soap opera is the drama. This aligns with the previous two reasons, but drama is the best. Making dramatic decisions as a character is an interesting role. Being overdramatic may lead me to an Emmy. I would cry in every scene whether meant to or not. This has to be the definition of dramatic acting. Add in being overly emotional, screaming/yelling, and being crazy would be a great time. No drama is quite like a soap opera drama.

Those three reasons make me want to become a soap opera actor. Soap operas will be my first stop in the entertainment business. I do not care if it is for one episode or one hundred episodes. It will be fun. I look forward to this opportunity. Tis the end of the article, and I bid you all adieu. It is time to go work on my dramatic acting.

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