Lincoln Street work set to begin late summer
July 31, 2018


Work to replace the concrete on a deteriorating portion of Lincoln Street will begin as early as August 27, with Hatch Grading and Contracting winning the bid for the project.

The Lincoln Street project will stretch from Clark to Wilson Street, removing approximately 1,500 sq yards of pavement, 200 sq yards of driveway and constructing a new sewer main after recommendations not to "patch up" the main by the engineer to save future issues. Two sewer manholes and other work will also take place during the project to prevent future drainage problems that have plagued this section of Lincoln Street.

"Initially we were hoping that we could just resurface, but upon closer evaluation from our contractor and city engineer it was determined it required a full reconstruction," City Councilman Tim Glenn said.

The original estimate for the project came in at $240,000, with several bids coming to the City Council. On Wednesday, July 18 during a special meeting, the Council approved Hatch for the project with a bid of $220,217.20 and reviewed by the engineer for contract later. This Complete street and sewer main reconstruct will have 35 working days.

"Our contractors have been really good working with residents that live along our major projects," Glenn said. "I'm sure in will be an inconvenience for a while, but the street has been on our schedule of street repairs for some time."

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