A Millenial Meet-Up
August 10, 2018



The younger generation of Dysart homeowners and residents were invited a pop-up cabana behind the Brick-a-Brack building on Thursday, August 2 to discuss what they felt Dysart needed going forward to continue to attract people to town.

Vision Dysart and community members set up the cabana with drinks, food and conversation opening the meeting. Approximately 15 people attended to discuss needs for the community. It became quite clear that the number one priority was housing. Some topics discussed were ready houses for under $200,000 and tax abatements to draw young couples into town. Housing development expansion will happen in town, but questions were raised about a timeline.

"Millenials are looking for smaller houses and affordability, houses that are ready to move into rather than ones that require some work," Vision Dysart member Janet Wilson said. "Our focus going forward is to look into avenues through state and county to help with this."

Dining an entertaiment was another topic at the meetup as the 4th of July celebration struggles to maintain its current format with lack of volunteers. Vision Dysart and the attendees agreed to work together to brainstorm better ways to get volunteers for the 4th of July activities, including volunteers for bartending. Patrons also expressed interest in more music at the Farmers Market and kid-friendly activities for their children while they shop.

Millenials in attendance gave their opinion on the meetings and Vision Dysart will look to continue these in a quarterly fashion with childcare possibly provided. According to several in attendance, there was some skepticism about this event, but hope to spread the word around for the next meeting on November 1.

"We were really happy with the turnout of 15 people in such a small community," Wilson said. "Marshalltown does something similar and only had 23 people at their meeting. The fact that everyone present was talking and giving their thoughts is wonderful."


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